Krono Vintage 8155 Appalachian Hickory floor
Krono Vintage 8156 Red River Hickory floor
Krono Vintage 8157 Smokey Mountain Hickory floor
Kronofix 1665 Royal Oak floor
Kronofix Rustic 9747 Harvester Oak floor
Krono Stone Impression Classic 8457 Palatino Travertin floor
Krono Stone Impression Classic 8475 Mustang Slate floor
Kronostep Super Natural Classic 8573 Harlech Oak floor
Kronostep Super Natural Classic 8632 Colonial Oak floor

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Laminated flooring is made up of a high-density fibreboard (HDF) core, a melamine-impregnated decor layer which is a photographic reproduction of a real wood or tile floor, and on top of that, a highly resistant protective overlay to give the floor the protection and durability required. Underneath is what's called a balancing laminate which not only ensures the stability of the board during the production process but also because of its non-porosity, helps to prevent moisture from getting into the HDF core once the floor has been laid.


Under immense pressure and heat this 'sandwich' is bonded together to form a huge sheet of flooring which is then cut into smaller boards, the edges of which are profiled so that the boards can be 'clicked' together without the need for any adhesive. It is during the production process that the surface finishes such as embossing and texturing are applied.


The 1Clic2Go jointing system is used with all Krono Original floors except Kronofix and Kronofix Rustic floors which use the Twin Clic jointing system below.  All the joints are easy glue-free assembly systems which create a perfect finish with invisible joints between the boards. In all cases the boards can be taken up and re-laid a number of times without any detriment to the strength and tightness of the interlocking joint.

Even in hard to reach places like corners, doors and under radiators, the ingenious 1 Clic2Go system makes installing Krono Original floors simpler and faster than ever. The tongue & groove joint along the length of the panel is placed in position from above and fixed flush with the adjoining panel. The panels are then securely interlocked as the patented 1 Clic2Go beading latches into position with an audible click. Quick, easy and secure.

Click here for a video showing the 1Clic2Go in operation


The Twin Clic jointing system is used on just the Kronofix and the Kronofix Rustic floors.  It's been specifically designed to make installation of these floors as easy and hassle-free as possible. All the joints are easy glue-free assembly systems which create a perfect finish with invisible joints between the boards. The boards can easily be taken up and re-laid a number of times without any detriment to the strength and tightness of the interlocking joint.

Click here for a video showing the Twin Clic system in operation


Kaindl FoldDown logo

The FoldDown jointing system is used on the Krono Kaindl and Hickory floors.  It's been specifically designed to make installation of these floors as easy and hassle-free as possible. All the joints are easy glue-free assembly systems which create a perfect finish with invisible joints between the boards. The boards can easily be taken up and re-laid a number of times without any detriment to the strength and tightness of the interlocking joint.




The High-Density Fibreboard (HDF) core is an engineered wood product formed by breaking down low grade timber and forest thinnings into wood fibres, combining them with wax and resin, and then forming panels under high temperature and pressure. The result is an incredibly strong and stable product suitable for a very wide variety of uses of which flooring is one. The density of HDF varies between 800 - 1450 kg/m³ and it is the choice of density in a floor that determines the toughness of the floor for the grade of flooring required. Basically the higher the density, the greater the impact resistance of the floor and the heavier the use the floor can cope with.

Krono Original floors are all produced from FSC Certified sources.


Decor paper

The decor paper is a melamine-impregnated photographic reproduction of a wood or tile floor.



The top surface of the floor is a very strong, highly resistant, protective, transparent overlay which uses corundum (Al²O³) impregnated with melamine resins. It is non-porous so it is impossible for any form of moisture to get into the HDF coreboard from the top and it is for this reason that floor polish should not used on a laminated floor as it cannot be absorbed by the floor.


Naturally it’s important to you that your floor stays as clean and free from bacteria as possible. While we cannot see bacteria, we know the kinds of harm it can cause if it is not eliminated: it can cause heightened allergies and cause disease. For this reason Krono Original® incorporates A.B.C. Anti-Bacterial Coating into all of its laminate flooring, an anti-bacterial coating that leaves bacteria with no place to grow. Bacteria and other microbes can be carried onto the floor via shoes, spilled liquids, animals and other sources. But together with a regular hygienic cleaning, Krono Original® A.B.C. Anti-Bacterial Coating provides the comforting feeling of healthy surroundings.


All floors in the Krono range have the Krono Aquastop moisture protection feature as standard. They all have an increased resistance to moisture and can be used in splash areas. Bathroom floors can be laid as normal providing a joint sealant is used on all four edges before joining two boards together.


The Krono Original V-groove feature is formed by the edge of a board being bevelled and colour-matched to the surface finish so that when two boards are joined together, a 'V' groove is formed along the joint between the two boards, thereby accentuating the plank effect of a floor. All the floors in the Krono Vintage Classic, the Kronostep Super Natural Classic, the Kronostep Super Natural Narrow, the Krono Narrow, the Krono Vario and the Krono Vario + ranges have this feature, with all four edges of a board being bevelled, giving a V-groove on all four sides of a board, hence the phrase 'V4-groove'.


The Krono Original U-groove feature is only found on the Krono Original Stone Impression Classic floors and is formed by the thickness of the laminate standing proud from the HDF coreboard, and the laminate finishing short of the edge of the board by 2.5mm. The exposed surface of the coreboard is coated with a special substance to give it the appearance of the grouting between the tiles and also to give it the protection and durability required. The 'U' groove is formed when two boards are joined together.


A special surface treatment stops the build-up of static electricity under normal climatic conditions when someone walks on the floor. An additional benefit is that it also prevents the build-up of statically charged dirt on the floor.


Authentic Embossed laminate flooring from Krono Original® stands for a naturally beautiful surface that is barely noticeably different from real hardwood floor. Synchronous pore combines the look of real hardwood floor with the convenience and practicality of high-quality laminate flooring. Authentic Embossed synchronous pore: authenticity that you can see and feel!


An authentic hand-scraped surface gives the Krono Vintage Hickory floors a natural look and feel. The quality and surface feel of these floors is all down to the unique embossing of the laminate paper during the paper production process.


The high quality structures with the exclusive Diamond Gloss effect is characterised by a brushed matte surface with glossy synchronous pores that intensely reflect light. The resulting glossy look highlights the depth of the structure in a particularly special way and thus Diamond Gloss laminate flooring perfectly imitates the character of natural hardwood.


123mm is the width of all floors in the Kronostep Super Natural Narrow range. In the Krono Narrow range, 159mm is the width of the Rough-Sawn Oaks and 116mm the width of the Walnut and High-Gloss Wenge floors. The slimness of the board accentuates the plank effect of a floor.



80% of laminate flooring is timber. Like any other wooden product it contains formaldehyde. The emissions however are minor and well under the legally allowed limit of 0.1 ppm (= 1.2 mg/m3 air), the so-called E1-limit. Krono Original floors comply with EU regulations on harmful emissions making them suitable for use in sensitive areas such as nurseries, schools and children's bedrooms.


Information on the European Producers of Laminate Flooring

EPLF is the European Producers of Laminate Flooring. Click here for further information.





All goods are guaranteed from the date of delivery for the period and under the conditions warranted by Kronospan. If any goods are found to be defective during the guarantee period and providing such defects have not occurred through incorrect installation, usage or maintenance procedures, or through the liability of other products or persons, we will at our discretion either rectify or replace the defective part of the goods or refund a corresponding proportion of the original price in accordance with the manufacturer's warranty. All goods should be carefully checked for any visible defects both before and during installation. Any goods which are installed in spite of such defects are not covered by the guarantee. Under no circumstances shall we be liable for any consequential loss whatsoever in the event of any claim arising under a guarantee.

The terms of the Kronospan warranty are as follows:

Krono Original Warranty

Provided the pre-requisites stated hereafter are observed, Kronospan guarantees that the decor layer of their floors will not wear off within the abrasion warranty period shown for each individual floor, the warranty period beginning from the date of purchase.


  • the laminate floor must be installed and maintained correctly in accordance with the Krono Original installation and maintenance instructions
  • the laminate floor may only be used according to the recommended level of intensity shown for each floor
  • the warranty does not cover physical damage - e.g. damage done to the floor by dragging or dropping hard objects
  • the warranty does not cover damage caused by moisture ingress
  • a large protective mat must be provided in all entrance areas

A claim under the warranty may be made when

  • the decor layer has worn off in an area of at least one square centimetre on an individual panel
  • the defect could not be noticed prior to the installation of the floor
  • the defect is reported in writing within 30 days of it being noticed
  • Kronospan or their appointed representative is allowed to check the defective floor on site

Within the scope of this warranty, Kronospan has the option to

  • repair the defective floor at no charge or
  • reimburse the current value of the floor or
  • deliver to the original point of sale any replacement material up to the current value of the defective floor. If the original decor is not available, a suitable replacement will be delivered. Any installation costs are to be borne by the customer

The current value is the original purchase price reduced for each 12 month period which has elapsed since the purchase of the floor, the reduction calculated on a straight line basis so as to reduce the original purchase price to zero over the period of the warranty.

Any warranty claim which is accepted does not prolong the warranty period of the original floor.

Any claims of liability under this warranty cease to be valid if not reported within 6 months of the defect being noticed.

Krono Narrow 4020 Rough-Sawn Oak Light floor
Krono Vario 9195 Antique Oak floor
Krono Vario + 8837 New England Oak floor
Kronofix Stoneline 9528 Anthracite floor
Krono Vario 8098 Arizona Oak floor
Krono Stone Impression Classic 8699 Pietra Piasentina floor
Krono Narrow 4021 Rough-Sawn Oak Dark floor
Krono Vario 8837 New England Oak floor
KronoNarrow 0122 Wenge High-Gloss floor
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