Krono Vintage 8155 Appalachian Hickory floor
Krono Vintage 8156 Red River Hickory floor
Krono Vintage 8157 Smokey Mountain Hickory floor
Kronofix 1665 Royal Oak floor
Kronofix Rustic 9747 Harvester Oak floor
Krono Stone Impression Classic 8457 Palatino Travertin floor
Krono Stone Impression Classic 8475 Mustang Slate floor
Kronostep Super Natural Classic 8573 Harlech Oak floor
Kronostep Super Natural Classic 8632 Colonial Oak floor

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A classic range of heavy-duty beautiful wood laminate flooring

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Grand Selection - V4-groove, 12mm thick, textured surface floor - 1385mm x 193mm x 12mm

D 4196 CR
Oak Sand
D 4193 CR
Oak Tan
D 4190 CR
Oak Beaver
D 4192 CR
Oak Ecru

D 4197 CR
Oak Umber
D 4194 CR
Oak Camel
D 4198 CR
Oak Lion
D 4191 CR
Oak Isabelline

D 3213 CR
Walnut Beige
D 3214 CR
Walnut Bronze
D 3215 CR
Walnut Chamoisee
D 3216 CR
Walnut Russet

D 3217 CR
Walnut Sepia

GS Origin - Extra-large, 14mm thick, V4-groove, textured surface floor - 2025mm x 244mm x 14mm

D 4494 CM
D 4496 CM
D 4498 CM
D 4492 CM

D 4495 CM
D 4493 CM
D 4497 CM
D 4499 CM



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Krono Narrow 4020 Rough-Sawn Oak Light floor
Krono Vario 9195 Antique Oak floor
Krono Vario + 8837 New England Oak floor
Kronofix Stoneline 9528 Anthracite floor
Krono Vario 8098 Arizona Oak floor
Krono Stone Impression Classic 8699 Pietra Piasentina floor
Krono Narrow 4021 Rough-Sawn Oak Dark floor
Krono Vario 8837 New England Oak floor
KronoNarrow 0122 Wenge High-Gloss floor
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